Unset Time and Pace

March 26 - April 30, 2021

Together with more than 40 national and international artists from the fields of experimental music, sound art, new radio concepts, performance and sound installation, we present a radio takeover and digital sound exhibition that intervenes in the inherent linearity of conventional radio programs and offers versatile artistic proposals on the subject of sound. Following the theme “Unset Time and Pace”, we want to focus on the digital nature of sound and the related detachment and suspension of time and tempo. Throughout March and April 2021, we proudly present a parasitic structure of co-habitation at the interface of sound and visual art.

Martin Brugger & Carlos Cipa


Roland SRE-555 Roland RE-301 Marantz PMD-430 Akai Midi Mix In this self-contained system, the sound is created by the … Read more


To Be Not Here

To Be Not Here is a piece based on activating imagination with memory triggers by means of soundscapes and abstract narrative buil… Read more

Zoë Mc Pherson

Grounding in outer space

A dreamspace dedicated to orbital resonance, to silent – yet not muted – movement. Grounding in outer space [SF03] invites us… Read more


Variations of an ordinary day

Recorded in March 2021, the Hague, the Netherlands. The piece was composed using field recordings and DSP methods driven by … Read more

Benedikt Brachtel

Transit Aria

March 2021, with dancer Blackpearl de Almeida When the aria begins, the progress stops, emotional states are being conserved … Read more

Hanne Lippard

Duonome / Sanctuary

The sound of them, read out in rhyme and with rhythm—the use of the voice, which could be considered the obvious advantage and the… Read more

Katatonic Silentio

A Po(i)etics Of The Disembodied Voice

This work focuses on the sonic potential of the voice as a phenomenon in its own right, separated from the body. Through the fragm… Read more

Abdullah Miniawy

Hey father I reward you

Hey father I reward you. Thank you for giving birth. We will qualify him/her in the school. We will fatten him/her like cows. We w… Read more

Jay Glass Dubs & ML

Whatever Happened to Greece

Whatever Happened to Greece is an oral history of a foreigner's view on Greece during the first decade of the political changeover… Read more

Olaf Nicolai

Every day at noon…

Every day at noon… is an action/performance, accompanied by silkscreen printed posters in 6 colour variants (yellow, orange, red, … Read more


1-Day Flies

The themes featured in this mix are raw side products from working on my third album, starting last year. I made 1-Day Flies in a … Read more

Dominik Lekavski


Margo is the output of an algorithmic sound synthesis process coded in the Supercollider language. The algorithm is the outcome … Read more

Aho Ssan

Altered States

This track is very close to a live performance, more than any of my previous work. I composed it before my show last year at Salon… Read more

Jan Erbelding

Gertrude – Nachwort

I'm doing a lot of research on mysticism right now because I like the role of language and metaphors in it and of course the stran… Read more

Nika Son

I no you II

wander in square waves from my thought i’m at my shoes and from my step i’m on the ground the surface of matter my notions roam ag… Read more

Mira Mann

Schau mich an

The sound piece Schau mich an is Mira Mann's poetics of vulnerability turned into spoken word. Her voice is very close, her breath… Read more



STILL. (as a constant) Calm, ease, awareness, that stillness brings. Its grounding effect helps build the foundation wh… Read more

Lea Bertucci


Accumulations is a series of sonic portraits of places I have travelled to within the last three years. I am interested in the way… Read more

Sol Rezza

Finite Infinite

Finite Infinite is an experimental radio work that uses sound design to recreate an abstract narrative around the Russian mathemat… Read more

Konrad Wehrmeister & Jakob Braito


Dys explores a state of hybrid communication – a state that is simultaneously functional and dysfunctional, stable and unstable, l… Read more

Wisdom Warriors

Dreaming Online

I went somewhere... closed my eyes and was in this place. SOME Parts... This part, in general...It has this intensity and when you… Read more

Rosa Anschütz


For Para, I recorded an intuitive text while preparing a sweet dessert for an occasion. Associating individual processing stages… Read more

OMSK Social Club & Alexander lezzi

Utopiates: The Freedom Cell

Omsk Social Club forks traditional methods of Live Action Role Play (LARP through immersive installations and into Real Game Play … Read more

Noémi Büchi

Reprise R

The piano works of Maurice Ravel placed in a new space. By slowing down these piano pieces I discovered the deep sadness cont… Read more

Institute for Incongruous Translation (Natascha Sadr Haghighian & Ashkan Sepahvand)

Carbon Theater Act III: Dark Loops

Dark Loops is the third instance of Carbon Theater, an ongoing research project by the Institute of Incongruous Translation (Natas… Read more


rubber Loops

Perceptual changes in sounds are often explored with highly repetitive pieces which loop in cycles without any exact resolution; t… Read more

Giulia Zabarella

Come to the places of pain (I-V)

Come to the places of pain is a sound piece consisting of five chapters of a text series, produced during a research residency in … Read more



PARA presents autotom.ia's first release Tumannyy documenting the convergence in deep soundscapes, shaped by sharp and dense layer… Read more

Constanza Bizraelli

Intra-telluric Transplant

Trans-trance was a performance that proposed savage physiological strategies to conceptually incorporate nature into the city envi… Read more

Hampus Lindwall & Studio for Propositional Cinema

RECITAL: Redundant as eyelids in absence of light

Redundant as eyelids in absence of light. is a libretto initially written and presented in pieces over the course of 2017 and 2018… Read more

Martina Lussi & Tim Shaw


In 1901 Marconi transmitted the first radio broadcast across the Atlantic sea, the morse code sign ‘. . .’, the letter ‘s’, was se… Read more

Kalas Liebfried

Para-Temporal Ambience

A change every 15 seconds. The subjective essence of all 31 contributions of the PARA program in 7 minutes and 45 seconds. Para-Te… Read more
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